PPC Services in Gurgaon

Let your business gather a huge traffic, more leads and high conversion, by investing less. We are aimed to provide you with such PPC service which will work as a profit maker for you. So, let us help you to achieve the ultimate goals of your business.

We are Working as Proficient PPC Company in Gurgaon


Digtal Planner India (DPI) is Working as the Leading PPC agency in Gurgaon and are aimed to provide you with such a service that can help you to achieve your goals and to touch the sky of success. We as the PPC expert in Gurgaon understand the different needs of every business and are aimed to serve each one in the same manner. We are aimed to work as a personal guide to your business and hence offer highly tailored PPC service in Gurgaon.

It is our service and all-time customer support which make us the best PPC agency in Gurgaon. So, if you are looking for pay per click services in Gurgaon then we are here to help you out. Scroll down to know more about our PPC services in Gurgaon and let people from all over the world get to know about your business. Experience effective PPC services Gurgaon provided by us which will be focused towards your success.

We as the PPC company in Gurgaon Serve you with


We as a Google AdWords Agency in Gurgaon offer you Ads tools which help for the growth of your Online Business.


Our PPC Services in Gurgaon include Bing which is a medium that will increase your connectivity with the Customers Worldwide.


We as a Google AdWords agency in Gurgaon Focused to increase your Returns and Profit from Google shopping by providing optimistic eCommerce PPC services.


Our PPC services in Gurgaon will use this vast Social Media Platform in a Productive and Profitable Manner for your business.


We as the Leading PPC company in Gurgaon will use the Medium of Remarketing for the overall growth of your business.


We Will utilize this ultimate Platform of Advertising to make the People aware of your Products and Services, Worldwide.

Our Paid Search Process

Working as the PPC agency in Gurgaon we are aimed to serve our clients with Paid Search Campaign which is full of options. We work to utilize Google paid search platforms which work for the growth of your Business.

  • Guidance or Consultation: Our PPC expert inGurgaon are aimed to serve you with a service that will be according to your business need. For that, we like to consult with our clients about what their requirements. This also includes adequate guidance about our PPC services Gurgaon.
  • Analyzing Competitors: We all have competitors in every business and to make our business better it gets important for us to analyze the other companies who are already bid on some keywords. We as the leading digital marketing agency understand this fact and work to provide you with the best results by judging your competitors.
  • Generating Landing Page: Our PPC services in Gurgaon include the creation of a landing page on your website according to the requirement of your business. This landing page will include, all information about your business, inquiry forms, videos, and testimonials to make your visitors turn into customers.
  • Monitoring Ongoing campaign & Ad groups: We as the Leading Google AdWords company in Gurgaon use various tools and metrics to optimize your current campaign and Ad groups. This includes analyzing of position data, conversion data, impression, and clicks. By doing this our PPC expert in Gurgaon will improve the overall performance of your campaign which helps in the engagement of more queries.
  • Researching keywords: We as a PPC management company in Gurgaon will work do keyword researching that will help to calculate the cost of campaigning and will also help you serve you with such services that will be in your budget. Keyword researching help you and us to know about the requirement of worldwide customers.
  • Time-to-time Website Audit: This will help us to be sure that if your web portal is adequate for the pain search campaign. We as a Google AdWords agency in Gurgaon are aimed to boost your overall sales by making your web portal more informative and to make it full with all such information that your customers will require. This also helps in making suitable changes according to the requirements.
  • Organizing campaign: Our PPC packages in Gurgaon include campaign organization that will help you achieve, what you are aimed for. Our pay per click services in Gurgaon also include the creation of Ad Copy according to your requirements. We will also create graphics for the portals who are running on Google Display Network, to target a defined audience.
  • Time-to-time Reporting: Our PPC services in Gurgaon include regular monthly reporting which work to increase the interaction between you and us. Working as a PPC company in Gurgaon we found this time-to-time reporting beneficial for our clients and help us to provide you service according to your timely requirements. This is a way by which we can make you aware of our work and the impact of it on your business in all manner.

What are the Benefits of Our PPC Services?

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website right away
  • Start generating revenue immediately
  • Compete on competitive search terms
  • Control how much or little you spend
  • Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns over time

PPC (Pay Per Click) FAQ

What is Paid Search / PPC?

Pay per click is just like a synonym of Paid search. Paid search marketing means that you are advertising your products and services according to the listings of a search engine or at any partner, web portal by paying for every click on your ad. Paying for click on your Ad means pay-per-click-PPC and paying for the display of your Ad means cost-per-impression-CPM. There are many AdWord interfaces which further has a different targeting method. We as a PPC company in Gurgaon help to make your e-commerce website competent for these interfaces to maximize your engagement, queries, and sales. We also have PPC Company in Chandigarh and PPC Company in Noida.

Is PPC helps to Boost an Online Business? What is its impact on Organic Results?

Yes! PPC is one of the utmost ways to boost an online business. Our PPC services in Gurgaon are focused for the overall growth of your business. Working as the PPC management company in Gurgaon we had made a number of people aware of the overall paybacks of PPC services. When it comes to organic results, PPC found to be an unnecessary element. This is because PPC doesn’t help to boost your organic traffic as Google themselves mentioned that there is no relation between these two. We as PPC service providers in Gurgaon make you aware about such facts. PPC Company in Mumbai.

How Much do PPC Services Cost ?

We are one of such PPC service providers in Gurgaon who serves you with that PPC services which will not be a burden on your overall budget. The overall cost of PPC depends according to the cost-per-click (CPC) of the keywords. Value of every click depends on the competition of keywords. Your budget of _____ per month will be equal to ______ per day. A budget of _____ will provide you with ____ clicks per day. Our PPC expert inGurgaon believes that an adequate budget is one of the major supports for the success of every campaign.

What Google Display Network is ?

Google display Network means to a network which allow those 3rd party websites who have Google AdSense enable in their website, to be a part of Google Ad Network. By providing pay per click services in Gurgaon we make you aware about the benefits of Google display network. This is a way by which you can target an Ad according to the keyword content and can make more people aware of your offerings. Our PPC services Gurgaon also include remarketing by which you can welcome all those who leave before being a productive customer for your business.

What is Google Shopping Network and how it is Beneficial for an Online Business?

It is a network which helps all type of e-commerce businesses to advertise their products on the first position of Google search engine result pages. Working as a Google AdWords company in Gurgaon we are aimed to boost your overall sales by utilizing this network in the most suitable manner. Our PPC packages in Gurgaon include this service because Google Shopping Network shows Ad to those potential customers who search for your products in Google search. These services of our make us the best PPC management company in Gurgaon. Our PPC expert inGurgaon will make every network work for the profit of your business.

How Remarketing Helps your Business to Grow ?

We include remarketing in our PPC service in Gurgaon because it helps in getting more leads for your business. We as a PPC agency in Gurgaon is utilizing this method since long as it is an option available in Google AdWords which allows us to display Ads to those who once visit our website. The changes of conversion, in this case, get doubled because if the customers show their interest in our products once then it means they will purchase our products instantly. This approach makes our PPC services in Gurgaon a medium with which we had written a number of success stories.