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For the long term success and reach ability of a website, one of the most important factors that play an important role is the content marketing. Specifically talking about the content marketing genre, today it has become an important industry to give as much as importance and emphasis on it as we give to other factors while considering for the overall website’s growth. As one of the best and most trusted content writing company in Gurgaon, we give the best and efficient content marketing solutions to you and your business that is based on quality writing that further helps to engage with your potential clients and make them understand your business products, services and solutions. Now, let us get on to know why content marketing and advertising is crucial and important to you and your business needs:

  • As per a recent study, an efficient content marketing can get three times more business leads as compared to paid search advertising.
  • According to a report by hub spot, 47% of the total buyers usually view 3 to 4 pieces of content before getting engaged with a sales representative of that business.
  • In the same report, it was stated that 32% of the digital marketers agree to the fact that visual images play a major role in the important and informational form of content for their business deals.

Above mentioned points; is just the surface of how an efficient and effective content marketing strategy can affect your business in a positive manner. Being one of the most valued and preferred website designing company in Gurgaon, at Digital Planner, we can also design the best of website for your company to drive the best of sales and traffic in no big time.

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