Google My Business Listing Suspended? Here’s What To Do

Google My Business Listing Suspended
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The Google My Business listing is such that it allows businesses to list their websites on Google My Business listing. Google sometimes suspends My Business Listing and will not show-up your business with your competitors when someone searches for a particular keyword for your business that includes business name. This means, loss of leads as your reviews get removed forever.

Even Google will not send you alert message for suspending your business. Your business may even get suspended for making other violations of guidelines. Even you may receive an email regarding which policy you’re in violation off. Somehow, Google will not let you know the reason for suspension, but you must either call and ask, or appeal to be reinstated via an online form. The reinstatement form simply helps you to verify that your business is at an address which meets Google My Business guidelines.

To avoid getting suspended, you have to frequently monitor your Google My Business Profile and update necessities. If you don’t understand why Google suspended your Business listing profile even after following all the reasons for getting account suspended, you can contact GMB Support. This support will then ask you to submit your business proof and prove that it’s legitimate. Doing so, you can definitely control or avoid suspension of Google My Business Listing.

  • If your physical business is established, just provide your storefront image displaying both address and signage at the same time.
  • In case, you have a physical business, it becomes essential to submit your business license. It must have the same address which gets displayed on your Google My Business profile.
  • Suppose, you have a physical business identity, you may be required to submit utility bill too. Also, same address of your business listing will be shown on your Google My Business profile.
  • Apart from submitting utility bill and license as a proof, you will have to submit one more proof if you have a physical business located. Submit proof to GMB that, you will not share office space with other businesses via photographs or videos.
  • If your business is established with a service area, just provide tax document as a legal document along with your business information.

Likewise, there are some other proof which are required to submit to GMB which assists in controlling Google My Business suspension and execute your business successfully by listing your business in the Google My Business listing.

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