Facebook, Google and Bing Ads – Who’s best for your business

Facebook, Google, or Bing Ads - Who's best for your business
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If you are new to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you will have to understand the best ad platform, as there are 3 ad platforms like Facebook, Google, and Bing. No matter which platform you choose, you have to achieve an expertise. Though Google was the first ad platform, Facebook has also gained popularity and has become equal to Google.

Similarly, even Bing has become the best place for placing ads and is a good competitor to Google in achieving maximum visibility, as well as increase leads and sales, and even to find new customers. This is how, all these 3 ad placing platforms have become great competitors to each other. It’s hard to say which one is the best. However, since Google is the first ad platform which appeared as Google Adwords have now been changed into Google Ads, and let’s discuss how it is the best amongst these Facebook and Bing ad platforms.

Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

Google’s revenue is mainly from advertising and its main goal is to make people stay for longer time on its webpage. Along with search engine advertising, products such as Google Adwords and Adsense allow marketers to earn enough money via advertising.

Advertisers on this platform only pay when a user clicks on their ad. While, other search engines use similar techniques as that of the Google for advertising purpose where Google paid search is associated with Google Ads. Similar to Google, even Facebook allows you to place your ads. But, its interface seems to be very confusing and messy.

Google arrives with several products such as Gmail, Cloud, Youtube, and so on. While, Facebook is meant for social networking purpose in order to achieve good traffic. This way, Google is more specialized when compared to Facebook. However, to build your brand awareness and compile a strong audience, Facebook helps you at a lower cost.

Google Ads vs Bing

Google Ads gives a good space for the consumers to place ads in a better way. Highlighting or sponsoring of ads by Google is done boldly and concisely. Google Ads provides scripts to perform routine tasks automation, advanced smart editor, as well as integration with Google Analytics. Bing generally considers users’ opinion and plans for latest ideas.

Google Ads has already worked its way up. These Google Ads generally set bids manually, and thereby provides automated bidding strategies along with smart bidding based on machine learning. Somehow, Bing Ads generally suggests manual bidding or enhanced CPC with 3 or more strategies such as Maximize Clicks, Maximize Conversions, and Target CPA.

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