How to avoid any negative impact on SEO when redesigning your website?

How to avoid any negative impact on SEO when redesigning your website
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If your website does not attract your users, then you will have to design new website which can assist you to attract users towards your brand. Somehow, if you have got some rankings to your current website, you will have to consider not losing your search engine rankings just by redesigning your website. If you are into redesigning task, you will have to be patient and approach web-designers or webmasters regarding your concern about search rankings of your website which can be maintained in a better way with your new website.

Website Link Changes

Another fact that affects rankings of your website is the drop or change in the search rankings as new urls of new website will not be the same as that of your earlier website. You will have to create new url in place of your previous website which means that you will have to start fresh SEO for that web page. Just ask your website developers to maintain urls and modify them accordingly.

Edit and Update Content

One more cause for rankings reduction is submission of duplicate content. Thus, it is very important to check, edit, and update content before making submission. It helps to avoid duplicates and be favorable to search engines with rich content and thereby avoid getting your website penalized. Though you know that duplicate contents are prohibited by search engines, during the process of updating your website with new urls, you will have to copy old contents to your new website urls. This may make your website look poor as contents are considered as copied to the new page links. It is not a good SEO practice to use the same content in your updated website. Use fresh content to publish on your website to give it a fresh look and attract several visitors to your website.

It is vital to know that even after making necessary changes to your website, your website may or may be affected in search engine’s rankings. Your website rankings can either be high or might become worst. Search engines consider several different on-site facts into consideration to check ranking such as keyword density and content placement within that specific page. You should know that, purpose of any website redesign is to increase conversions and sales. In such cases, though old website doesn’t give any benefit, by redesigning your website with various rank increasing stuffs can give your more benefits.

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