How to do On Site SEO

How to do On Site SEO
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Search Engine Optimization campaigns are the most prominent aspect while performing SEO. If you are looking for better visibility, focusing on these campaigns is a must. In order to rank high, you need to start with your website first and get your website optimized for better search results. Somehow, getting ranking is not just an essential factor in the marketing campaign; instead, having better visibility targeting customers during the buying process becomes vital.

Along with offsite, you need to adopt On-Page SEO campaigns which allow you to optimize your website in the way you desire following Search Engine Algorithms, as well as interconnect you with your targeted visitors. This way you can get your website successfully launch in a giant search engine and rank high to gain back your regular targeted customers.

Headers Tags

Headers or body tags (HTML tags) like <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc., help to organize your content in a better way to make people understand your content.  Also, assist search engines to determine which part of your website content is too relevant. Important keywords can be used in headers using <h1 > and <h2> tags, but make sure that, these keywords are not used in page title. Like other tags, you can use <h1> to <h6> tag in your landing page or blog. While, using <h2> and <h3> is good for subheads which helps people to scroll down the page.

Meta Descriptions and Structured Data

Meta Descriptions are short page descriptions which are right below the title in search results. While doing SEO, these Meta descriptions become important as it influences if your webpage is clicked on. Meta descriptions also include structured data where you will have to provide information to the search engine regarding your website. This structured data is the Rich Snippet which is not suitable for all contents, but only for the reviews, and other websites. Though these are not much related to SEO, it assists in increasing CTR.

Meta Title

Since Title is more attractive and well optimized, it becomes very important aspect while performing On-Page SEO. By doing so, you will have more number of visits, and make your website reach high in the search engines’ results page. Use targeted keywords or phrase either in the beginning or end of the title (H1). Avoid repeating same keywords more than once in the title tag, as it hurts your ranking.

Optimize your Internal Linking

Internal-Linking can be one of the excellent strategies used by SEO experts while performing On-Page SEO. By linking, SEO keywords in the webpage represent linking back to your own webpage by making search engine robots to crawl and index other pages within your website. This is the best way to promote your own content to search engines by the auto crawling method. While building internal links, ensure to check duplicate and broken links. It may look harmless sometimes or may become a blockage to your On-Page SEO efforts and website visitors.

External Links

When Panda and Penguin algorithms are launched, many website owners got scared to link other websites as it may trigger a penalty (Google). However, this is absolutely the wrong concept. If you wish to get the trust in your content, you can simply link other high-quality websites which is absolutely good for the content. Even Google can use external links to understand more about the topics you are covering.

Optimize Site Speed

When new search engine algorithms are launched, there will be a bigger emphasis on website speed. Google focuses on speed and index websites loading faster. Though your webpage has high-quality content, pages may load too slow and may remain last in the competition of websites in the search engines due to reduced loading speeds.          

No matter, whether it’s a desktop or any other android device, your site must load fast. This is because, when On-Page SEO Operation is performed, loading of page or page speed counts a lot. Since search engines are aware that, websites at low loading speed irritates visitors, you must improve your site speed, so that search engines themselves put you into a higher position in the search results which impact conversions and ROI.

Set-up Google+ Authorship

Another element that search engines usually focus on, is the ranking of webpages authorized by popular writers who have built huge network. These subject-matter experts have been considered as authors of certain topics, and search engines compromise with their contents since they believe that,these authors submit high quality contents and build Google+ profiles with huge followers. Hence, Google authorship is essential for the success of internet marketing success through this tool.

To launch a successful On-page SEO, it is vital to use all tested strategies which are very helpful in optimizing their own websites and draw the right traffic towards them.

Mobile Responsiveness

Since search engines started to favor websites that are optimized to make mobile speeds much faster, even for the desktop search, mobile responsiveness matters a lot. In order to make your website Mobile responsiveness, you will have to choose the most popular Google’s test tool to test how much Mobile-Friendly is your website.

Incorporate Visual Content

Content need not be actually text, but visual is much important along with text. However, check what type of visual content can be incorporated into your webpage to drive plenty of visitors. When you wish to add an image to a webpage, include a long file name alongwith image alt-text. This will help to create attention of the users.

Track Keywords and Topics for Each Page

While doing On-Page SEO, always think of your target keyword for a particular page, so that it allows you to provide more detailed information on that specific topic to the readers of your webpage. This shows that,you will be optimizing only one keyword for every webpage.

Post Permalink Structure

Make sure your URL is appeared properly and use your target keyword in the URL toavoid using special characters or symbols, and so on inside the actual URL. It is suggested to use dashes if you wish to distinguish strings within your URL structure which are supported by most web browsers.

Write Engaging Content

Always writing engaging content wins than poor content. If you submit high quality contents, you will be pushed up or top of the search results in search engines. In case, if you submit poor quality contents using tricks or cheat sheets, you will be put to the end of the search results. Make sure you submit engaging content that should impress your audience. Ask questions and answers to  your readers properly. To make this happen, first know what they wish to read and then you can write a concise content according to them. Remember that, writing engaging content is a must, as people spend much time in reading blogs. If content is not engaging, they will not visit your blog again while bouncing rate will increase and thereby affects your website’s ranking.

Content Organizing becomes Important

Do you think your content is well organized? If your content is convincing and understanding, your goal of promoting your products and services becomes successful. Hence, while writing contents, organize your contents properly to make readers comfortable to read and understand.

With all these strategies, you can simply optimize on-page SEO which can be easier for you that helps you blend these tactics to drive Success in SEO.

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