How to do SEO Keywords Research

How to do SEO Keywords Research
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Keyword research is one of the prominent aspects while performing Search Engine Optimization. Suppose you wish to rank any keyword, first you need to plan a strategy and execute it accordingly. Google is becoming much better than earlier by knowing what people are exactly looking for! Its main goal is to offer the best content. Thus, it has developed different algorithms as an update to each other. Google Panda has been launched to penalize low quality or duplicate text, while Google Penguin is developed to penalize unnatural keyword usage, and Google Hummingbird has been established to improve semantic search. Hence, knowing these algorithms, keywords research has to be done.

Several SEO keyword tools assist you in this task. You can find the best assistant like SEO keyword tool to find out the competitor keyword. Through these SEO keyword tools, you can make several experiments to find out the appropriate keyword and rank high in search engines. Based on the research, you can evolve your SEO job efficiently.

Why to perform SEO Keyword Research?

Before researching for the keyword, you should know why keyword research is done? The main purpose to perform keyword research is to drive potential traffic and thereby make sales. There is no need to follow historical data, but you need a huge bunch of relevant keywords to perform website operations in search engine’s search results.

You will have to dig more keywords to stand in the huge competition of websites’ parking. It’s absolutely a challenging concept. If this part of keyword research is ignored, you will have bear the loss of standing last in the search engines where websites park. You should thus, know which keywords are profitable to you, and how to use them to pitch your website to the top of search engines.

Common Mistakes during SEO Keyword Research

Some of the most common mistakes while working on SEO Keyword Research are ignoring keyword updating or modifying SEO keyword list. Thus, updating and expanding keyword list becomes vital to improve your search rankings.

Other mistakes that are generally made include targeting too popular keywords which are highly competitive. By reevaluating and replacing old keywords would not just drive visitors, but desired visitors to your website. Instead of using old keyword search tool, it is good to use new keyword search tool to keep track of search results. Remember that, it’s always a right keyword that is able to drive prospective customers through answering queries in the search box.

Make use of Negative Keywords

When you use negative keywords while performing SEO, simply you can find several keyword research tipsthat carry your SEO strategy to the next level.Negative keywords are those that you ignore in your PPC ad campaigns.Avoid targeting all search engine users, and target only those which are perfectly suitable for your business.

Use Medium Density Keywords

Medium Density Keywords like ‘How to do SEO Keywords Research’ can be used. But, longer keywords like “How to do SEO Keywords Research to get High Ranking” or shorter keywords like “How to Research Keywords” must be prohibited. As per search engines algorithm, shorter keywords or longer keywords drive less traffic or impressions. If you’re looking for instant traffic to your website, it’s better to use Medium Density Keywords than using longer or shorter keywords.

Where to find SEO Keywords?

Identifying keywords that is suitable to your business becomes vital. If you already get a minimal Organic traffic, simply identify the keywords people use to find your website. You will then figure-out your present visitors of your website.

An easiest way is to type the keyword into search engines, and look for the suggested search results. After which, you will have to list out the relevant keyword in the searches. You can do this, by checking the search results at the bottom of the search engine. It lists all the additional keywords that you need to use to bring back your audience to your webpage.

How to Find SEO Keywords?

The main intention to find out SEO keywords is to perform online operations to make others find your business. By finding out the targeted keywords, you will have to create useful contents that should target exact phrases. Do you think that people find your website if you create content without making proper keyword research? May be, you can! Somehow, doing keyword research, speedup the research process.

Think of some 15 to 20 keywords related to your niche content and pen it out. Every phrase that you have written would be the best topic for your blog or article. Since, you have got several keywords, you can write down these topics. People will further get appropriate articles in the search engines when same keywords you used have been searched by them.

SEO Keywords for Blogs or Articles

As you know, Keywords are the words typed in search engines, regardless of length, targeting keywords, etc., targeted keywords in your content are the basic elements of SEO which is an easy method to track the progress of your SEO efforts. Before starting keyword research, you must need to know which niche you are working on! You may be working on various topics like food, travel, health, business, or others. You will have to understand your targeted audience first. Once you know your audience, make a list of keywords suitable for your audience.

If you are a regular blogger, probably you will know that, topics you choose will be more profitable and may end-up with sales! Choose the right topics for your business focusing on shopper’s personas. Now that, you came to know how important topics are for your targeted audience and how sub-topics help in creating wonderful topics through successful keyword.

To make it profitable, high-ROI keywords fetch you amazing results! However, this won’t give you magical results and you will have to work hard for better results. Make sure keywords used are systematically used in content which should convert your normal content to rich one. If keywords used are difficult to search and such keywords are used repeatedly in your content, how can it give you brainstorming result?

Analyze Your Competitor’s Winning Keywords

The entire concept of SEO is to dig your competitors and find their strategies of getting high rank. It is vital to know their ranking keywords for performing better SEO to your website. The foremost thing that has to be done is to find where your competitors used such keywords in their content. Pick few of your competitors, and analyze them both on-site and off-site. Just have a look at title and description tags and which sites link back to them. You can simply go through their site navigation and structure of the pages, etc. Once you understand these concepts, you can bring down their ranking and achieve success.

Free Keyword Tool for Business

As plethora of keywords available across the internet, you can find right SEO keyword research tools for free. Always find most relevant tool to help in searching the relevant keyword that drives traffic instantly. Through right tool, you will have access to list of several keywords. You must be able to find out the targeted SEO keywords which make you to filter keyword results either by industry or location.

You can do keyword grouping as well. With the help of Keyword grouping, you will learn to organize your new SEO keywords properly. These keywords tools are used for AdWords Campaigns or PPC Marketing. Such keyword tools assist in finding negative keywords to minimize unnecessary clicks.

Below are few of the top Keyword Research tools amongst several tools across internet:

  • Google Keyword Planner: Google Planner makes it easy to check if a keyword you’re evaluating has high competition. Just list 5 to 10 keywords and copy them to the Gogle Keyword Planner to get a detailed analysis including search volume, competition level, bid price, and so on. This will further help in deciding which keywords to be used in content and which one to ignore. This Keyword Planner tool has a feature that allows you to pick and drop URL to find out which keywords are used by the people to visit your website.
  • MozBar: It makes SEO keyword research simple by helping you understand your visitors and what they look for when searching keywords online. You can track both local and national searches to better understand what search engine users are looking while searching for certain terms on the search engines. This tool also helps to find certain issues that hold you from getting profits from your SEO efforts by crawling and auditing.

Other Keyword Research Tips

There are various Keyword Researches done apart from the above mentioned tips which are as below.

  • Focus on commercial keywords instead of normal keyword.
  • Plan your own niche words which consist of ‘act-now’ keywords.
  • Visit keywords list, choose decent monthly search volume and a big Cost Per Click (CPC) value.
  • Place your keywords including phrases in your Meta titles, descriptions, and headings on your webpage content.

These are some of the best tips to find SEO keyword for reaching high in Search engines.

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