Online 10+ Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 or Beyond

Video Marketing Statistics for 2020
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Video is a highly effective form of content, which help you to get popularize in social media. Though knowing fact regarding video popularity, many people consider this video strategy as a waste method or time consuming method and will not give best results.

Below are some of the best Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 and beyond.

92% of Marketers consider Videos as important Marketing Strategy

In 2020, 92% of marketers believe that video is the very important part of their marketing strategy and 88% gives them positive ROI.

99% of Marketers use video and continue in 2020

99% of the marketers who use videos continue to watch in 2020 as well, and 95% of these marketers expect to increase their current expenditure on video marketing.

41% Video marketing for both B2B and B2C

41% of B2B and B2C marketers explore videos that can be added to their marketing and sales strategies in 2020, and 22% of B2B organizations explore opportunities provided by podcasting and live-streaming.

66% of US Teens Watch Online Videos Daily

In 2020, online videos create craze in younger generation which includes 66% in the US reporting who watches videos online on regular basis.

57% of Marketers use Live Video

57% of marketers use live video in 2020. While, 34% of marketers use Facebook’s live streaming that allow viewers to react in real-time. Likewise, people also use Instagram with 13% live videos on the platform.

87% of Video has become Powerful Marketing Tool

Due to the increase in the demand for video in 2020, there are about 87% of marketing professionals who use video as a marketing tool.

85% Internet Users Enjoy Video Content

85% of users watch online video content on various devices like mobile, tablet, and other devices regularly and continue to watch as they enjoy watching video content in 2020.

88% of Video Marketing fetches Profit

If 88% of video marketers are glad with ROI of video marketing on social media, 80% of marketers also found to be satisfied with ROI of Video ads posted on social media in the year 2020 and beyond.

66% of Video Marketing helps in Lead Generation

Optinmonster of video marketers get 66% more qualified leads every year and video marketers get 54% increment in brand promotion.

85% of Facebook Videos watched without Sound

Facebook users watch videos in 2020, and 85% of Facebook videos have become soundless. That’s why, it’s better to use videos to promote your website in high rank.

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