SEO or PPC: Which Digital Marketing Strategy is best

SEO or PPC: Which Digital Marketing Strategy is best
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Choosing the best marketing strategies for an online business can become quite difficult if you do not have any proper idea. Many businesses who wish to gain more traffic to their websites are unable to decide which one to choose SEO or PPC.                                                                                                                                         

Advantages of Organic SEO:

SEO is very cost-effective where labor’s setting up costs and managing a PPC campaign are usually the same or more than what SEO labor costs. However, in PPC campaigns, you are able to find continuous clicks.

This SEO is long-lasting which optimizes website properly and brings higher ranking in the search results, even though a PPC campaign is turned off.

Through SEO, a search engine’s ranking will be constant, and PPC ad positions change as per the bidding tactics of your competitors. A website with good link authority and excellent content can fix its position in the search engine.

Drawbacks to SEO:

SEO is very slow when compared to PPC. Once your website is viewed in search results, PPC starts getting you lead instantly.

SEO is an ongoing process where your website never gets optimized completely. It can be optimized when you work too hard. Somehow, your rankings will be much higher in future and reap rewards for investing your great time and effort on SEO.

SEO seems to be time-consuming when you involve in SEO activities by yourself. However, you can choose to do it by yourself only if you have purchased SEO tools or if you hire others to do these tasks. This will make you lose all your hard-earned money.

Advantages of PPC:

There is absolutely no need to wait, as PPC campaign appears as soon as you start watching more traffic, and impressions. But, SEO can take more time to move on top of the search engine’s search results.

You can set your budget while doing PPC, and know how many leads you are getting in return. This helps you to estimate an accurate budget for your digital marketing. SEO requires more money if your industry or location you wanted to rank is too competitive.

Through PPC, your search engine’s algorithm impacts your website’s position. With SEO, you simply lose your rank that should be penalized for black hat tactics.

Drawbacks of PPC:

To get good results, you will have to pay more and more and the keywords competition is not more; while, you will have to pay the same amount though you get the same result.                                                                            

Researching effective keywords in order to bid is found to be too time-consuming. Manage the amount you are spending on keywords and adjust how much you are spending. You can intelligently play the PPC game and hire an experienced PPC expert who assists you to execute campaigns with ease.

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