What is Black Hat SEO?

What is Black Hat SEO
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In SEO techniques, black hat SEO has become much popular and makes you use large number of tricks and tactics to get ranking in Search Engines by ignoring search engines’ guidelines and audiences. Black hat SEO techniques usually consist of keyword stuffing, and even invisible text, and page swapping, etc. Currently, search engines have been started to take actions by updating algorithms to penalize websites who use Black Hat SEO techniques and keep search results clean and accurate.

Duplicate Content

Search engines usually prefer unique content, but other domains use duplicate contents across search engines by adopting worst black hat techniques. It clearly shows sign of poor search engine rankings as well as poor user experience. Hence, it is important to add a canonical tag to display your original article, and make other copies invisible for bots.

Article Spinning

Article spinning is nothing but duplicate content issue which is another plagiarism that includes special software displaying copied resources as a ‘new’ or ‘unique’ post. This article spinning has thus been considered as black hat, as it doesn’t provide any value to the user. Just write new updated content which allows article to rank better in search engines.


Cloaking is a search engine technique which offers totally different content or URL to the user before submitting the information to the search engine spider. However, this information is also considered as deceptive since it uses varied tricks to get desired ranks for the targeted keywords. Moreover, it’s a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines as it provides irrelevant results to the people.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is using of the repetitive keywords all over the page to improve visibility in the search engines. This is too worst part that throws your website out of the websites’ competition in search engines. Such contents which are highly ‘keyword stuffed’ don’t look natural and may not be user-friendly. Hence, use keyword stuffing detecting tool on your page to know stuffed keywords.

Malicious Active Content

Malicious content uses malware software that depends on browser plug-in for displaying audio or video files, including download files on the computer. The most common types of malware are adware, rootkits, spyware, and other viruses arrive along with content. This is against Google Guidelines which will penalize you very badly. To get rid of this, it’s better to install antivirus and update on regular basis to avoid malicious content.

These are few of the black hat SEO tricks and techniques used to get high rank in search engines.

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